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Slice of the Atlantic is headquartered at Rua Dr. Juvenal Nº10, Funchal. We provide various services, from accommodation, transfers, and car rental. Simplicity, efficiency and the forefront of technology are essential factors to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Mission: Growth is our motivation;  


Vision: To grow sustainably;  


Values: Solidity, honesty and integrity as principles of business behavior.

“Often, managers are worried about how they price their product compared to their competitors. They will find out what everyone else is charging and price their product towards the bottom end of the price range. Their reasons for doing this is they want to be competitive and ensure their price isn’t a hurdle for potential customers.

We know we’re not the cheapest option in the market, but we make up for that by providing our clients one clear price, without hidden fees or bad experiences through an uncomplicated system.

“Our rentals are not for everyone, and we are alright with that. This just means that we’re better able to focus on our core audience and this makes our marketing efforts easier and keeps our customer service requirements”.

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